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19 responses to “Wah-Wah Page

  1. In the Preface to the newest edition of “Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu,” John Updike says that he was introduced to Ted Williams as his favorite Strat-o-matic card when he was 12 growing up in Pennsylvania. Fascinating to learn, but the Red Sox haven’t got a chance to win in a Texas year.

    • That would have been 1944 when Updike saw this alleged Ted Williams “Strat-O-Matic” card, which is historically impossible. My guess is that it was a bubble gum or tobacco card. But yes, Boston IS currently playing like they’ve been kicked in the head by a team of horses.

      • He describes the spinner card accurately enough to be believable. My guess is that Updike did not want to admit he was still playing Strat-o-matic well after he was 12.

        • I believe upon further research that Updike and I both played All-Star Baseball and not Strat-O-Matic. I read the description of both in Wikipedia and my game was clearly All-Star Baseball. Updike could have played that as well since it was first sold in toy stores in 1941.

          • All-Star Baseball makes perfect sense. I had that game, too, as did Hal Richman before he invented Strat-O-Matic in the early 60s. Meanwhile, check back on Wednesday for exciting Ranger news!

  2. Cards: 4-7 vs LA, 22-13 vs the rest of the NL. The scars of my childhood played out in stratomatic fashion.

  3. Boston and KC are all hat and no cattle. The Rangers are going to slice through the opposition like a Crawford Texas weed wacker.

  4. Mike

    Who would’ve thought Brock missing 8 games was the tonic this team needed? Ride that hot streak, baby!

    • One thing about the Cards, they have fabulous outfield depth, and it definitely wasn’t Brock’s best year. Hernandez is now mashing, and Templeton is your MVP so far: .398 with 10 triples and a current 19-game hitting streak!

  5. Wish my boys would show a little bit of heart here, especially at home, in front of those 3,000 paying customers. NO MORE LOSING!!!!

  6. Rick Reuschel and I are at the Dunkin’ Donuts, sharing a box of French crullers and breaking down tomorrow’s opposition.

  7. That McBride guy has some sort of reputation for good defense. I don’t see how with that huge afro of his. He’d better get a haircut, ’cause that ‘do is gonna get pretty tiresome come June.

  8. The funniest thing happened last night at the Sizzler steak house. George Mitterwald got lost in Billy Buckner’s mustache, and it took us like 45 minutes to find him. Plus, Ivan DeJesus did his hilarious “Minnie Pearl” routine during karaoke, later in the evening. Ray Burris looked good in afternoon work-outs.

  9. Pat

    Be afraid, everyone. The Cobra is coming for you.

  10. Tom Ludlow

    Ross Grimsley = domination.

  11. I just finished making Roger Metzger and his projected .535 OPS pull an 18-wheeler with his teeth. His teeth broke. Welcome to the starting lineup, Julio Gonzalez!

  12. Just want to offer my condolences to the other National League skippers. My Cubs are looking awfully good here in camp, working hard. I’m expecting big, big things from Steve Ontiveros. Tonight, the boys and I are meeting the cast from the recently cancelled “Brady Bunch” (okay, just Marsha and Mrs. Brady) for some cocktails at the Mesa Disco. Feel free to stop by.

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