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Toot the Horn Slowly…

Well, funky readers, I am now a certified published author! An adaptation of my very first replay blog is now available on Amazon, and you can read more about it at my eStore. The original blog covered every freaking game from 1924 through 17-year-old Vinny Spanelli and Tigers beat man Cal Butterworth, but that would have run 750 pages so I scaled it down and focused mainly on Vinny’s crazy story. I can guarantee it’s a fun read, and noted baseball scribes Josh Wilker, Scott Simkus and Joe Sheehan have already given it some fine praise on the back cover.

In other drum-banging, horn-tooting news, I’ll have a new WordPress replay blog up sometime in mid-February. This one will be set in 1958 and filled with a lot more sinister intrigue. Fitting the time period, of course.

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