So the Giants went and done did it, vanquishing the Yankees in seven games after taking a 3-zip lead, as Matt Cain won his fifth game of the tournament and Pat Burrell, a .157 hitter with 27 whiffs in 83 at bats, popped a grand slam off Sabathia to nail down the 7-2 finale.

I’ve played many of these 16-game tournaments, and this was maybe just the third or fourth time an actual winner from that year went all the way. Giants absentee skipper Jason Stapley of Kearns, UT won a gift certificate from Strat-O-Matic for his fine efforts, and I hope to make this an annual event, giving many others a chance to “manage” a team.

In the next month I’ll have a few fun announcements regarding upcoming writing projects, but for now, here’s the final tournament stats for both the Giants (hitting,pitching) and Yankees (hitting,pitching). Happy holiday season!

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  1. A fine outcome in my book!

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