All Funky Business Settled Tomorrow

Might as well, right?  Got this three-day weekend, not much to do but watch football and sit in my 77-degree backyard (the last time I will rub this in, promise), so it’s a great time to bring Funkyball’s regular season to its nerve-wracking end. Besides don’t want to keep Chuck Tanner from sitting around much longer. Look for another Live Tweetcast of the Rangers/Royals tonight at 10 p.m. eastern, 9 central right here,  and any further action in that showdown will be announced the old-fashioned way in tomorrow’s blog.

Then it’s Funky World Series Week!!

TUESDAY: Final Stats and Award Winners
WEDNESDAY: World Series Preview
THURSDAY: Game 1 at Pittsburgh
FRIDAY: Game 2 at Pittsburgh
SATURDAY: Game 3 at AL Winner
SUNDAY: Game 4 at AL Winner

Further games as needed are TBA, though I’ll probably stick to the one-a-day schedule. As for future Tweetcasts, including tonight’s, they’ll be done in a leaner teletype style, with scoring updates after each full inning, to keep me from clogging up the Twittersphere. Tweetcasts for each World Series game will be done at 10 p.m. eastern the night before the game reports appear on the blog, meaning the first one is set for Wednesday night.

See you at the ballpark! —J.P.


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2 responses to “All Funky Business Settled Tomorrow

  1. John Koch

    To save everybody time and simply to make this easier, why don’t we simply crown the Pirates now and save the poor American League entrant to the upcoming Series the embarrassment that is sure to come. That way, you could start a well deserved vacation and begin to reap the rewards that are sure to come from such a brilliant historical “recreation” and I could begin the victory celebration a few days earlier. Just a thought . . .

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