KANSAS CITY—I would prefer to not even imagine the unthinkable. But here I am in the quickly emptying Royals Stadium, having just watched Bert Blyleven mow down my Royals like he’s some kind of Hall of Fame pitcher. And for the second time in two weekends. Hmm.

Leonard matched him pretty well, giving up a Harrah walk and Hargrove and Washington singles to start the 4th and pretty much put us away, but after kicking the skunk out of the Twins for two days we couldn’t have hit that big Dutch curveball with a snow shovel.

So now what? Ellis against Splittorff, followed by Perry against Colborn. We have two more days to win one from Peachy’s boys or it’s a one-game playoff on Monday, which from my calculations would be Doyle Alexander against Marty Pattin. Let us pray it doesn’t come to that.

TEX 000 200 001 – 3 7 0
K.C. 000 000 000 – 0 4 0

W-Blyleven L-Leonard GWRBI-Washington

The Seamus Spin

at RED SOX 7-9-0, ORIOLES 5-9-1
Wise serves up homers to Mora, Singleton and May, but Eddie Murray is back to being worthless and Grimsley has a nightmare of a 1st inning (single-walk-walk-walk-two base Grimsley error-single before anyone is even out), good for five Boston runs and basically the ball game.

at INDIANS 6-10-1, YANKEES 4-13-0
Classic Stinkees: Take early 4-0 lead on a bunch of singles and sac flies, strand a ton of runners the rest of the way until the starting pitcher (Torrez) can fall apart, then bring Lyle in to completely combust. I have to do some research on this, but it feels like Sparky has either thrown a wild pitch or given up an extra base hit on over three quarters of the first batters he sees. His record is 3-12.

PIRATES 10-15-2, at REDS 7-8-1
The Bucs tune up for the postseason by pulling Doug Capilla’s pants over his head. Of the 29 batters he faces in his four-plus innings, 18 of them reach base. Taveras, Parker and Ott all go 3-for-5. By the way, Pittsburgh’s last two wins also nailed down home advantage for them in the Series.

at DODGERS 7-12-0, CARDS 6-10-0 (10 innings)
L.A. finally wins another game in typically excruciating fashion. Reggie Smith hits homers no. 36, 37, and 38 to put the Dodgers up 6-3 for John going to the 8th. Boom–Hernandez two-run bomb. Boom–Ken Reitz solo homer on a 1-6 roll with two outs in the 9th ties the game. But then, miracle of miracles, Charlie Hough comes in for the 10th, doesn’t suck, and Yeager wins it win a single up the middle off Clay Carroll.

ASTROS 3-7-1, at CUBS 0-9-1
Better late than never, J. R. Richard gets revenge for his opening day Wrigley loss by pitching a tidy 9-hit shutout and hitting a game-winning homer in the process. With the loss, the Cubs—sorry to say—clinch last place.

EXPOS 6-10-1, at PHILLIES 0-6-1
Every ounce of energy has vanished from the Phillie clubhouse. Now Ron Reed can’t even beat Don Stanhouse. Steve Garvey has been bashed all year for his underperformance, but Mike Schmidt has to be up (or down) there. Zip-for-3 tonight, each time with people in scoring position.

ETCETERA: I thought I’d be putting up a World Series Preview blog on Monday, but that plan has obviously been put on hold until the AL champ is decided.  Look for a special edition post on Sunday if things get even hotter. My Tweetcast of the Rangers/Royals last night was scads of fun, but it’s also a lot of work to prepare for one of these, and they clog up the Twittersphere more than I’d like, so any others I do will likely feature the play-by-play in fewer bursts every three innings. Hey, you get what you pay for.

American League through Friday, September 26

Kansas City 85 67 .559
Texas 83 69 .546 2
Boston 81 71 .533 4
New York 80 72 .526 5
Baltimore 78 74 .513 7
Chicago 70 82 .461 15
Cleveland 68 84 .447 17
Minnesota 63 89 .414 22

National League through Friday, September 26

x-Pittsburgh 89 63 .586
Los Angeles 84 68 .553 5
Cincinnati 83 69 .546 6
Philadelphia 82 70 .539 7
St. Louis 80 72 .526 9
Houston 71 81 .467 18
Montreal 61 91 .401 28
Chicago 58 94 .382 31

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