Funky Wonderland

It’s that time of year, when the disco halls are decked, the holly smoked, and holiday hustlers board the non-stop groove train.  To enjoy a bit of time off without losing track of the hot ’77 pennant races, here’s my upcoming schedule of posts for the merrymaking season:

Mon, 12/20, Wed, 12/22
Mon, 12/27, Wed. 12/29

Yup, I’ll be non-posting for two straight long weekends, resuming normalcy on the first Monday of the new year.  This doesn’t mean I won’t be playing games; if anything, I might get more in, so look for two days’ worth of action in some 0f these posts.

Before I unleash my holiday video on the public, let me just wish a motherlode of holiday cheer to all of you readers for all the dedicated reading that you do.  It’s been ten months of spontaneous fun so far, and the best drama is just around the corner.

I’d also like to wish additional cheer to Funkyball’s trusty absentee managers. Like the characters in my story, it’s been difficult to see their teams slowly vanish from the races.  I’ve tried to honor each skipper by mailing them a personal condolence letter, suitable for a black frame and signed by Buzz Gip, Bowie Kuhn and Jimmy Carter (and in Jonah Keri’s instance, Pierre Trudeau), but knowing the great Joe Posnanski, my favorite sportswriter on the planet, will have to get one soon for his hard-working Indians pains me to no end. I wish I could have 16 winners.

Anyway, enough of my blabbing.  On to the festivities!

Guess all five of your ’77 funky all-stars and achieve Internet immortality!


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2 responses to “Funky Wonderland

  1. Kevin Graham

    That video is disturbing in so many ways.
    Could you spread a little magic christmas dust on those dice when rolling for the Yankees, they’re killing me.
    Have a great holiday,

    Kevin G

    • At least you get to watch from a distance. I have to suffer with these guys every day! Anyway, thanks for your concern. With the team on their way to K.C. for the holiday, The Ghost of Billy Martin Past has been contacted.

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