Give Thanks for Our Stats

We’re one week away from September and Labor Day, and further wheat is separating from further chaff. Rod Carew may not hit .400 but he’s damn close, George Foster just reached the 50-dinger mark with over a month left to hit the two more he’s slated to, while John Candelaria and Dennis Leonard look like prime Cy Young candidates.  The Cardinals are the Gap Band, with Keith Hernandez on a pace for 56 doubles and Garry Templeton for 27 triples.  I’m not a big stolen bases believer because I find that reckless running takes teams out of rallies more often than not, but I can tell you that Morgan has 31, Cedeno 27 and Lopes has 26 to lead the NL, while no one in the AL has enough to even be worth reporting.  Boston, with the best fielding, fewest walks allowed and worst E.R.A. in the league, is determined to also finish first in runs scored without stealing one base.


1.031 Thornton, CLE
1.026 Carbo, BOS
1.022 Carew, MIN
0.980 Gamble, CHX
0.967 Yaz, BOS
0.958 Brett, KC
0.954 Bostock, MIN
0.945 Evans, BOS
0.939 Hisle, MIN
0.934 Hargrove, TEX
0.934 Fisk, BOS
0.928 Jackson, NYY
0.915 Singleton, BAL

.392-Carew, MIN, .356-Bostock, MIN, .339-Brett, KC,
.336-Yaz, BOS, .325-Hisle, MIN, .314-Cowens, KC

32-Gamble, CHX, 32-Thornton, CLE, 31-Evans, BOS,
30-Jackson, NYY, 29-Yaz, BOS, 28-Nettles, NYY,
28-Carbo, BOS, 26-Harrah, TEX, 26-Fisk, BOS, 0-Kuiper, CLE

109-Hisle, MIN, 106-Jackson, NYY, 100-Rice, BOS,
95-Thornton, CLE, 91-Nettles, NYY, 89-Yaz, BOS

13-Brett, KC, 13-SIngleton, BAL, 11-Cowens, KC,
11-Yaz, BOS, 11-Piniella, NYY, 11-Hisle, MIN,
11-Harrah, TEX

109-Hargrove, TEX, 75-Carbo, BOS, 74-Singleton, BAL,
72-Harrah, TEX, 69-Thornton, CLE, 67-Fisk, BOS

17-6 Perry, TEX, 17-8 Leonard, KC, 17-10 Palmer, BAL,
15-12 May, BAL, 14-4 Jenkins, BOS, 14-9 Figueroa, NYY

2.58 Leonard, KC, 2.95 Guidry, NYY

19-Campbell, BOS, 14-Littell, K.C., 13-Lyle, NYY,
13-T.Johnson, MIN, 12-Kern, CLE, 12

202-Leonard, KC, 180-Perry, TEX, 174-Guidry, NY,
174-Blyleven, TEX, 170-Eckersley, CLE


1.092 Smith, L.A.
1.040 Parker, PIT
1.040 Foster, CIN
1.001 Stargell, PIT
0.957 Bench, CIN
0.940 Carter, MON
0.933 McBride, PHL
0.919 Simmons, STL
0.911 Hernandez, STL
0.910 Ferguson, HOU
0.901 Morgan, CIN

.372-Parker, PIT, .369-Templeton, STL, .357-McBride, PHL,
.340-Simmons, STL, .330-Hernandez, STL, .317-Rose, CIN,
.315-Robinson, PIT, .312-Valentine, MON, .312-Foster, CIN, .310, Oliver, PIT

50-Foster, CIN, 37-Carter, MON, 36-Bench, CIN,
29-Smith, L.A., 29-Baker, L.A., 28-Murcer, CHC,
27-Robinson, PIT, 26-Schmidt, PHL, 26-Dawson, MON,
25-Watson, HOU, 25-Valentine, MON

142-Foster, CIN, 121-Parker, PIT, 111-Bench, CIN,
104-Garvey, L.A., 103-Robinson, PIT,
102-Watson, HOU, 94-Murcer, CHC

20-Watson, HOU, 15-Rose, CIN, 15-Hernandez, STL,
13-Foster, CIN, 11-Valentine, MON, 11-Parker, PIT

98-Morgan, CIN, 89-Smith- L.A., 71-Griffey, CIN, 70-Lopes, L.A.,
68-Schmidt, PHL, 67-Ontiveros, CHC, 67-Cey, L.A.

19-7 Candelaria, PIT, 18-8 Hooton, L.A., 17-4 Seaver, CIN,
17-8 Carlton, PHL, 16-8 John, L.A., 16-9 Richard, HOU

2.18-Candelaria, PIT, 2.21-Richard, HOU, 2.90-Hooton, L.A.,
2.92-Seaver, CIN, 3.07-Forsch, STL

16-Hough, L.A., 16-Gossage, PIT, 14-Kerrigan, MON,
12-Sutter, CHC, 11-Garber, PHL, 10-Sambito, HOU

182-Carlton, PHL, 179-Richard, HOU, 169-Seaver, CIN,
161-Rogers, MON, 146-Hooton, L.A., 142-Candelaria, PIT

GET YOUR TEAM BREAKDOWNS RIGHT HERE! Per usual, here are PDFs of Team Hitting, Team Pitching, and Assorted Miscellany.

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  1. I checked out Kuiper’s B-R page, and I noticed he was drafted five times before he actually signed. Did he know something all those GMs and scouting directors didn’t?

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