Rebirth of the Cool Blue?

PHILADELPHIA—You know my Dodgers must’ve got back whatever they lost if Sutton wins us a game. Seriously, the guy’s been a garbage disposal in the middle of the roation for months now, and even after this one still has our worst starting ERA at 5.22.

Maybe it’s a mental thing, who knows, but ever since they hired this psychic voodoo lineups expert with his stats ouija board back in Pittsburgh, they haven’t lost a game. Yesterday Hooton got his 18th win and we pounded Christenson for TEN doubles in a 9-4 win, and getting them kick-started again today is the guy I was recently calling a schmuck, Davey Lopes. Jim Kaat’s first pitch is clubbed over the wall in left, Martinez singles, Cey doubles, Smith singles both of them in with another single and the Blue Boys are up 3-zip.

Kaat settles down until the 5th, when he gives Martinez a double with one out, fields a Cey roller with his other left foot for an error and gives Smith another single before Ozark sticks McGraw in. The Tugger has no better luck, as Baker walks, the Garv singles and Yeager walks and it’s 6-0!

Sutton naturally tries his best to crap it away, but Philly strands nine guys in the first five innings, finally getting on the board with a 2-run Maddox smash in the 7th. Bring on Sosa for three shutout innings, and can you believe it? We sweep the Phils and have won four straight! Poor Mikey Spano isn’t exactly doing jumping jacks about it, but you don’t see HIM smoking drugs and running away like a girl, either.

Which reminds me, everyone on the bus is bent out of shape because that meshugener and his schvarze sidekick flew the roost two days ago, and they’re scared that Seamus is gonna risk our behinds by going off to look for them. Whatever. I don’t have a lot of time left in the living room either way. As long as I can go out with my Dodgers wrestling at the top of this race again, I’ll be one happy Sherman.

L.A. 103 002 021 – 9 14 0
PHI 010 030 000 – 4 13 2

W-Hooton L- Christenson SV-Hough HRS: Lopes, Hebner GWRBI-Lopes

L.A. 300 030 010 – 7 13 0
PHI 000 000 200 – 2 10 1

W-Sutton L-Kaat SV-Sosa HRS: Lopes, Maddox GWRBI-Lopes

The Lester Line (two days worth)

ASTROS 10-14-1, at EXPOS 4-9-2
Houston continues their road resurgence, this time with six late runs off McEnaney and Kerrigan. Forsch and Sambito do the tough relieving for Lemongello.

at YANKEES 11-16-2, WHITE SOX 10-10-4 (10 innings)
I do hope Friendly Fred caught this one on a tavern television, or on a hobo’s transistor radio in some boxcar, because it was something else. Figueroa continues his stretch of abominable pitching, giving my sad Chisox seven runs in the 2nd, only to see New York fight back against Stone, close to within 8-7 in the 6th and go ahead on a Reggie 2-run blast in the 7th. Gamble’s 31st homer and an Essian single puts Chicago back in front in the 8th, but Randolph triples and scores on a Nettles sac fly to tie it in the 9th. Bottom of the 10th off Dal Canton, Chambliss doubles, goes to third on the fourth Chicago error of the game and scores on a Piniella single up the middle to make Tidrow a winner in relief.

at ORIOLES 7-8-0, TWINS 4-7-3
It’s all about the Mays boys. Rudy gets the complete game win, while Lee provides every inch of Baltimore offense, belting a grand slam off Thormodsgard in the 4th and singling home two more in the 8th, after the Twins tie it on a big Hisle homer.

ASTROS 8-10-0, at EXPOS 1-9-2
Two out of three for the ‘Stros, Andujar with the CG win. It’s 2-1 going to the 7th, when Houston puts up another late 6-spot on the luckless Stanhouse, Dues, Schatzeder and Santo Acala.

at PIRATES 2-9-1, CUBS 1-8-0
Bonham matches Candelaria pitch for pitch through seven shutout innings, before singles by Oliver, Parker, Stargell and Taveras give the Pirates two. DeJesus homers to lead the 9th, but the Candy Man blows the next three away for his 19th win. My Cubbies? Their tragic elimination number is down to one, and I suddenly have a strange empty feeling in one of my legs…

at REDS 3-8-0, CARDS 2-9-0
Tom Seaver wins no. 17 in dramatic style, whiffing Iorg and Templeton to end it. Bench bashes his way out of his slump with a double and 36th homer.

at RED SOX 6-13-0 WHITE SOX 4-10-1
Wow. Maybe Buzz taking off really got his team going. Behind Jenkins and another in a series of Ken Kravec clubbings, Boston snaps its 8-game losing streak despite Fenway net jobs from Gamble (#32), Zisk and Soderholm.

at YANKEES 17-14-1, RANGERS 7-11-0
Come on back anytime, Fred! We have a nice warm bus seat for you. Blyeleven gets absolutely destroyed as the Yanks score their first seven times up, with the help of Reggie’s 30th homer and two by Nettles to go with six RBIs. New York has now scored 41 runs in Torrez’s last two starts. He kind of needs that.

TWINS 7-7-0, at INDIANS 6-14-3
A thrilling opener in the Respectability Showdown is decided by a 2-run Carew single in the 9th off tough lefty Laxton—after a bases-clearing triple by Carew in the 5th puts the Twins ahead in the first of three lead changes. The game also wins the Wacked Line Score of the Day Trophy.

ROYALS 4-7-0, at ORIOLES 3-5-1
Leonard vs. Palmer. A Birds win puts them just five and a half out and right back in this unstable race. But Jockey Jim does what he’s done too many times, pissing away a late leads with opposition extra base hits. This time Frank White is the villain.  The weakest link in the K.C. lineup goes 4-for-4 with a double and homer in the nine hole, then singles in the winner in the 9th after a Patek triple ties it. Meanwhile, Cy Young front-runner Leonard whiffs six of the last seven men he faces.

LET’S TALK TURKEY: The next post, on Airport Traffic Wednesday, will just be a new stats report. Following a feast with the parental units on Thursday, I WILL have a regular slate of games up for Black Friday, and another one for Cyber Monday. On Hangover Tuesday, don’t expect to hear from me. Happy Thanksgiving!

American League through Tuesday, August 26

Kansas City 73 57 .562
Texas 71 58 .550 1.5
New York 68 59 .535 3.5
Boston 67 59 .532 4
Baltimore 65 64 .504 7.5
Cleveland 58 71 .450 14.5
Minnesota 56 71 .441 15.5
Chicago 54 73 .425 17.5

National League through Tuesday, August 26

Pittsburgh 75 54 .581
Philadelphia 70 56 .556 3.5
Los Angeles 69 57 .548 4.5
Cincinnati 69 58 .543 5
St. Louis 68 60 .531 6.5
Houston 58 70 .453 17.5
Montreal 52 75 .409 23
Chicago 48 79 .378 27

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