Stat Geek Time

Dog days are upon us, and Rod Carew has dropped into the mortal range of .300 hitters.  Naturally he’s just one point above .388, his true average that year, a feat that Strat seems to magically pull off with regularity. The same cannot be said for Cesar Cedeno (.223, with only 32 RBIs), Graig Nettles (.221) and Eddie Murray (10 homers), all deep in their own personal dog days since April.  Yaz and Parker/Foster are still in the MVP running, while Palmer/Leonard/Perry/Jenkins/Blyleven is making for a fierce Cy Young battle in the AL, with Carlton/Candelaria/Seaver wrestling for the trophy in the NL.

Extraneous numbers: Minnesota is a respectable 29-30 on the road, a putrid 16-36 at home…Harrah leads both leagues in getting plunked, 14 times.  Rice has 11 HBP, while Fisk and Schmidt have 8 apiece…Boston is dead set on winning a pennant without stealing one base all year…Surprising leader in team shutouts are the Reds, with 10…Not surprisingly, the Cubs have thrown the least with 2…Reds have also turned the most double plays in the NL, 138, while the Twins lead the AL with 146.  Probably has to do with all the people they put on base.


1.057 Carbo, BOS (in 294 AB)
1.004 Gamble, CHX
1.003 Carew, MIN
0.970 Thornton, CLE
0.958 Yaz, BOS
0.950 Bostock, MIN
0.949 Brett, KC
0.934 Hargrove, TEX
0.931 Hisle, MIN
0.923 Fisk, BOS
0.902 Singleton, BAL

.389-Carew, MIN, .359-Bostock, MIN, .330-Yaz, BOS,
.333-Brett, KC, .324-Munson, NYY, .327-Hisle, MIN,
.317-Cowens, KC, .316-Hargrove, TEX, .312-Gamble, CHX, .311-Singleton, BAL

29-Gamble, CHX, 27-Carbo, BOS, 26-Yaz, BOS,
25-Harrah, TEX, 24-Thornton, CLE, 24-Evans, BOS,
24-Fisk, BOS, 23-Jackson, NYY

89-Jackson, NYY, 87-Hisle, 86-Rice, BOS, MIN,
83-Yaz, BOS, 80-Thornton, CLE

13-Brett, KC, 11-Cowens, KC, 11-Yaz, BOS, 10-Piniella, NYY,
10-Murray, BAL, 10-SIngleton, BAL, 10-Harrah, TEX

93-Hargrove, TEX, 67-Carbo, BOS, 64-Thornton, CLE,
63-Harrah, TEX, 58-Fisk, BOS, 58-Singleton, BAL

16-4 Perry, TEX, 16-8 Palmer, BAL, 14-6 Figueroa, NYY,
14-7 Leonard, KC, 13-3 Jenkins, BOS, 12-7 Guidry, NYY

2.68 Leonard, KC, 2.81 Blyleven, TEX,
3.00 Guidry, NYY, 3.25 Palmer, BAL

18-Campbell, BOS, 11-Kern, CLE, 12-Littell, K.C.,
9-Lyle, NYY, 9-LaGrow, CHX

17-Leonard, KC, 165-Perry, TEX, 159-Guidry, NY,
159-Blyleven, TEX, 150-Eckersley, CLE


1.098 Smith, L.A.
1.043 Foster, CIN
1.039 Parker, PIT
0.983 Stargell, PIT
0.978 Bench, CIN
0.973 Simmons, STL
0.969 Carter, MON
0.942 McBride, PHL
0.921 Baker, L.A.
0.918 Robinson, PIT
0.906 Luzinski, PHL

.371-Parker, PIT, .363-Templeton, STL, .360-Simmons, STL,
.357-McBride, PHL, .333-Hernandez, STL, .326-Robinson, PIT,
.321-Rose, CIN,.312-Valentine, MON, .308-Foster, CIN

47-Foster, CIN, 35-Bench, CIN, 33-Carter, MON, 27-Murcer, CHC,
26-Smith, L.A., 25-Baker, L.A., 24-Schmidt, PHL, 24-Luzinski, PHL,
23-Watson, HOU, 23-Robinson, PIT

133-Foster, CIN, 102-Bench, CIN, 105-Parker, PIT, 88-Watson, HOU,
92-Robinson, PIT, 89-Garvey, L.A., 86-Murcer, CHC

15-Watson, HOU, 15-Rose, CIN, 14-Hernandez, STL,
13-Foster, CIN, 10-Valentine, MON, 10-Luzinski, PHL

88-Morgan, CIN, 80-Smith- L.A., 61-Griffey, CIN, 61-Schmidt, PHL,
61-Lopes, L.A., 59-Ontiveros, CHC, 58-Cey, L.A., 56-Rose, CIN,

17-6 Candelaria, PIT, 16-3 Seaver, CIN, 16-7 Hooton, L.A.,
15-6 Carlton, PHL, 15-6 John, L.A., 13-8 Richard, HOU

2.00-Candelaria, PIT, 2.43-Richard, HOU, 2.64-Seaver, CIN,
2.90-Hooton, L.A., 2.95-Carlton, PHL, 3.03-Forsch, STL

15-Hough, L.A., 12-Gossage, PIT, 12-Kerrigan, MON,
11-Garber, PHL, 10-Sambito, HOU

152-Carlton, PHL, 152-Richard, HOU, 149-Rogers, MON,
144-Seaver, CIN, 123-Hooton, L.A., 118-Candelaria, PIT

GET YOUR TEAM BREAKDOWNS RIGHT HERE! Per usual, here are PDFs of Team Hitting, Team Pitching, and Assorted Miscellany.

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