Just the Funky Results, Ma’m

As an extracurricular activity, in less than a month I’ll be “managing” the 1990 Oakland A’s in a special Seamheads.com historical replay league to celebrate Strat-O-Matic’s 50th anniversary next year.  There will be about 30 teams, and some of my more illustrious opponents will be Bob Costas, Roy Firestone, Keith Olbermann, John Hart, Curt Schilling, Morgan Ensberg, and Dick Drago (Hey!  He’s on my Orioles!), along with a host of great writers.  Too bad they’re all going down.

Meanwhile, as promised, here’s my American League wrap-up for August 3rd. The usual double-league results and narrative wackiness return Wednesday.

at ROYALS 7-10-0, ORIOLES 0-4-0
ORIOLES 8-15-1, at ROYALS 1-4-1
A mirror image classic. An Otis double, Cowens HBP, Brett double and three singles off Rudy May give K.C. the jump, and Colborn shuts down the birds from here to eternity. In the nightcap, Royal bats go inexplicably limp against Scott McGregor, despite his 6.16 ERA and 110 hits allowed in 80 IP, while the Orioles go batty against Bird and Mingori. Singleton and Murray go 8-for-9 between them, with three doubles and a homer.

INDIANS 10-16-0, at TWINS 8-14-1
INDIANS 8-14-3, at TWINS 7-12-0
The Cleveland Resurrection continues with a 4-game sweep, as they scalp Ron Schueler, Dave Johnson, and the usual five-ring relief circus for a combined 30 hits here. Not that the Indian starters are any good, but lately, as we know, the Twins are finding every way possible to lose.

at RANGERS 13-13-0, YANKEES 9-15-1
at RANGERS 8-12-0, YANKEES 3-10-2
Which also applies to Billy Martin’s bunch. Again. This team just can’t get any run of sustained good play going. After a couple decent starts, Torrez throws up another worthless one in the opener, with Wills and Ken Henderson (!) taking him deep after the usual flurry of walks and blown plays in the field. Gaylord Perry allows nine runs in the last two innings but is left in to finish because everyone within 100 miles is aware of New York’s non-winning karma. Tidrow has the wretched honors in the second game, Stanley and Rivers (who else?) making the key atrocious errors, Hargrove and Dave May (!) go yard, and the Yanks can do nearly nothing with Adrian Devine. They’re off to Baltimore now, then home to face Boston again, so they better get it together quick.

at WHITE SOX 4-13-0, RED SOX 3-10-0
Holy Orta! Jorge triples in Chet Lemon with two outs in the 9th to beat Tiant and salvage the last game of another hideous series with the Red Sox. Gamble launches two bombs, as Chicago “improves” to 5-12 against the first-placers. Boston is now on to red-hot Cleveland before they hit the Bronx.

American League through Sunday, August 3

Boston 61 45 .575
Kansas City 61 48 .560 1.5
New York 59 48 .551 2.5
Texas 58 51 .532 4.5
Baltimore 52 55 .486 9.5
Chicago 48 59 .449 13.5
Cleveland 48 60 .444 14
Minnesota 43 64 .402 18.5

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