Dang That Polish Fellah!

ARLINGTON, TX—I knew he was gonna crush that ball. Top of the 1st, Carl Whateverski coming off a game-ending fly out last night that put them Yanks in first, and here’s Doyle Alexander floating in a lazy curve thinking he’s gonna keep that Boston boy’s head messed up. Sure, Doyle, tell me another one. Yazzer hit it into the right field bleachers without one sweat bead, even though it was 103 in Arlington Stadium today and old Peachy here needed two lemonades before the players even warmed up.

Now Alexander sometimes pitches good and sometimes looks like a leaky rowboat in the Gulf of Mexico and this was one of those days. Two doubles made it 2-0 Red Sox in the 2nd, Bernie’s Carbo latest bomb made it 4-zip in the 4th and a Dewey Evans two-run blast the next inning sent him right to the glue factory.

Meantime Fergie Jenkins was doing his thing, walking nobody and getting out of danger all day, and when Wills, Sundberg and Harrah started our 8th with singles, Soup Campbell took over and closed the kitchen. After getting out of that first jam (and another RBI single from the Polish guy) he whiffed Harrah with two outs and the tying runs at the plate in the 9th for his 17th save.

What really blew my gasket is we would’ve been two everlovin’ games out if we’d won this thing. Instead it’s back to four, because the Yanks lost too. Least we got Blyleven and Devine going tomorrow in the Sunday double-dater, against Aase and that hippie freak of theirs Bill Lee. Gotta say I like my chances.

BOS 110 220 001 – 7 12 0
TEX 000 100 030 – 4 10 0

W-Jenkins L-Alexander  HRS: Yaz, Carbo, Evans GWRBI-Yaz

The Buzz Line

at WHITE SOX 9-12-1, YANKEES 4-6-2
What the hell happened at Comiskey? Reggie belts one with two aboard in the 1st and it’s 4-0 New York early, but Gullett drops his second straight stink bomb. Bottom of the 4th starts with a Gamble single, Zisk walk, Nordhagen single, Soderholm single, Orta double, Bannister single and Spencer single. Nine unanswered runs later, the Yanks’ first visit to first place has lasted just 24 hours. Chicago has actually given them fits all year, as the teams are now tied at eight wins apiece.

INDIANS 8-16-2, at ROYALS 0-7-0
At least the Yankees show up. K.C. never even gets out of bed, bowing down to Prince Eckersley from first inning to last. Thornton continues to go mental for the Tribe, with two doubles, a single and homer off a shockingly bad Leonard.

at TWINS 4-11-0, ORIOLES 0-9-0
You want shocking? How about the Twins winning two in a row at home, and beating Jim Palmer, no less, on a Butch Wynegar 3-run shot in the7th? Baltimore flattens out at .500.

at CUBS 8-5-2, REDS 7-13-0
Bizarro line score time, and Cincy’s second straight Wrigley disgrace. This time they’re up 7-5 going to the 8th but Capilla tires and Sarmiento blows it in the 9th on a Buckner single, Biitner pinch triple and walkoff sac fly by Ontiveros.

PIRATES 5-11-0, at CARDS 1-7-0
The Candy Man notches his 16th win, Cobra and Pops go back-to-back off Rasmussen, and the Bucs are back to within a game.

at ASTROS 2-7-0, EXPOS 1-5-1
Boy, if Houston didn’t have J. R. Richard they might be fighting with the Cubs for last. He whiffs ten Expos as Watson’s 1st inning double holds up, Bob’s baseball-leading 14th game-winning RBI.

at DODGERS 4-8-0, PHILLIES 1-4-0
Hooton outduels Reed, Smith and Baker go deep, and L.A. takes a very necessary game, setting up a great Carlton vs. Sutton matchup tomorrow.

American League through Saturday, July 26

Boston 56 42 .571
New York 56 43 .566 0.5
Kansas City 56 45 .554 1.5
Texas 53 47 .530 4
Baltimore 49 49 .500 7
Cleveland 43 56 .434 13.5
Chicago 43 56 .434 13.5
Minnesota 40 58 .408 16

National League through Saturday, July 26

Philadelphia 58 41 .586
Pittsburgh 58 43 .574 1
Cincinnati 57 45 .559 2.5
Los Angeles 54 43 .557 3
St. Louis 51 46 .526 6
Houston 45 56 .446 14
Montreal 40 59 .404 18
Chicago 34 64 .347 23.5

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