Escape from New York

Friendly Fred back at ya, hitch-hikin’ my butt out of the Big Dark Apple. Here I was for the last month, fixin’ on catching this Son of Sam clown and I forgot the whole damn city was losing its power last night. There was serious looting all over my grandma’s neighborhood, and I got stuck in a crowd that was trashing a Sam Goody’s, and then fires broke out and I SWEAR I had nothing to do with any of it but then the riot cops were there throwing us into wagons and I had to knock one down with a tape deck just to get away.

The real bummer is that the Yanks just got to half a game out yesterday, have one more game with the White Sox tonight, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to the Stadium with the place ringed by nasty-ass cats in uniforms and helmets. Screw that. I’m going down to Philly instead for the end of that righteous Dodgers series. See ya on the flip side tomorrow…

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