Meanwhile, in the Gladiator Pit…

NEW YORK—Friendly Fred back at ya, with nothin’ but baseball this time around. Boston’s at the Stadium for three, peoples, and we got serious ground to be making up. Suppose I could have just watched the game at home, but I’ve been getting sick of Grandma lately, and it was no sure thing they’d have the Yanks and Sox on ABC Monday Night Baseball. Seems like they’ve mostly been showing Royals and Pirates games this year.

But don’t think I forgot about this going-after-Son of Sam plan that I came up with. Still got a month or so before the next victims happen, you see, and I need to find something more real to do that could actually fetch me coin. Grandma’s starting to wonder why I’ve been hanging around, and before she figures out who I really am I might have to locate my own pad.

Anyway, I had beers at Stan’s Sports Bar before both games, copped upper deck seats over home plate and was in loud, nervous heaven. The doubleheader loss to Baltimore on Sunday was eight hours of hell, and if the dang Sox make us bite the pillow now Stan’s might end up being my new address.

Games of the Days

Monday. Crazy-ass business right from the start. Jim Rice puts a Figueroa pitch in the left field seats with Carbo on, and it’s 2-0 chowderfaces. But Tiant’s much worse, and the Yanks greet him with a Zeber homer then a walk and three straight hits with one out before Nettles wakes up from his coma and bombs one. Rivers pops a ball in the seats the next inning and we’re up 7-2, but not one of the 50,000 plus of us are cozy with it. Boston gets one in the 3rd, back-to-back blasts from Fisk and Yazamatazz in the 5th, and it’s 7-5 just like that. Meanwhile Tiante mellows out until Nettles gets his third hit, an RBI single in the 7th. Spaceman Lee replaces him and gets Randolph to rap into a trippy 6-2-3 DP to end our scoring. All that’s left is a Yazzarino triple and Nettles two-base error in the 9th to give us our 23rd heart attack, before Hobson and Lynn ground out to end it. We’re just three games out of first again!

BOS 201 020 001 – 6 9 0
NYY 610 000 10x – 8 15 1

W-Figueroa L-Tiant HRS: Rice, Fisk, Yaz, Zeber, Nettles, Rivers GWRBI-Alston

Tuesday. The Stadium crowd is louder, rowdier. And Rice shuts them up again with another two-run homer in the 1st, this time off Torrez. And we get the fools right back again! Zeber and Rivers with singles, Munson with his incredible tenth triple of the year to tie it. Torrez is no Figueroa though. He ain’t even Dick Tidrow. Carbo walks to lead the Boston 3rd. Fisk doubles down the line. After Yazzoli grounds into a home force out, Rice doubles. Hobson punishes a 3-run homer. Oh, we try to give some payback off Aase, but it’s never enough, and our bad-range fielders are at it again, and Torrez serves Denny Doyle of all people an upper deck cookie, and Bernie Carbo must’ve sprinkled wacky weed on his Wheaties because he checks in with a double, two homers and a walk in five trips. Know that fancy-ass new OPS stat Lester’s always squeakin’ about? Well Carbo’s is now a stupid 1.080. We’re four games out of first again and drop to 3-7 against these New England fools. Least we got Louisiana Lightnin’ vs. Reggie Cleveland tomorrow in the big rubber.  See ya on the flip side!

BOS 204 001 030 – 10 13 0
NYY 200 200 130 – 8 13 2

W-Aase L-Torrez SV-Campbell HRS: Rice, Hobson, Carbo-2, Doyle, Chambliss GWRBI-Rice

Other Monday action:

ROYALS 9-15-2, at WHITE SOX 7-11-0
K.C. drives Wilbur Wood to cover with a five-spot in the 2nd inning. It’s 6-0 when a grand Gamble slam in the 7th makes it a game. A 2-run White double in the 8th makes it not a game again, and then three Sox runs in the 9th make it a game when all’s said and done.

REDS 18-25-0, at PHILLIES 3-7-1
Paging Philadelphia…Please pick up your asses in the outside hallway. Thank you. Jim Kaat is the lucky recipient of the seven-run opening inning, the two Bench homers and one by Foster, the four singles from Morgan, the 4-for-6 Cesar Geronimo day, and the yawn of a complete game by Tom Terrific (11-2), fresh out of his Mike Douglas leisure suit.

PIRATES 5-8-0, at EXPOS 1-5-1
Unimpressed, the Bucs stay at the top with a blistering Bruce Kison CG effort, including a homer, and key extra base knocks from Taveras and Oliver.

at CARDS 6-11-0, CUBS 1-7-1
Rick Reuschel is now 2-7 in his last nine decisions, and brother Paul can’t even help in relief. A two-run Hernandez double in the 5th turns the game around and sends St. Louis on its merry, overdue way.

at DODGERS 3-9-0, ASTROS 1-7-0
Yet another tight pitching duel and win for L.A. The pitcher this time is Hooton, the hitter Garvey, sending a two-run shot over the boards off Andujar in the 5th.

Other Tuesday action:

at INDIANS 4-8-0, ORIOLES 3-8-1
Rudy May and the O’s own the game the first four innings, Eckersley and the Tribe the rest of the way. Winning hit is a Thornton single past Dauer in the 7th with the infield in and runners at second and third. Devastating loss for the Birds, but Mr. Palmer gets the ball tomorrow.

RANGERS 13-14-0, at TWINS 8-12-1
Worst pitcher in the American League Pete Redfern craps the bed again with the following 1st inning: Wills walk and stolen base, Sundberg single, Harrah single, Hargrove double, Washington single, May force-out(!), Beniquez double, Horton walk, Campaneris single. Bye Pete. Hello 10-25 home record for Minnesota. Carew hits two homers, knocks in five in the depressing cause, is now hitting only .422.

ROYALS 6-8-0, at WHITE SOX 4-10-1
Early bombs by Brett and Porter keep the Royals ship afloat until Hassler almost capsizes it in the 6th. In rides Mark Littell for his three and a third inning save, and K.C. stays tied at the top with the Beantowners.

REDS 10-13-1, at PHILLIES 5-7-0
Okay Cincy, you can stop now. Lonborg and his 10-2 record takes a crack at the Red Machine, and only gives them four runs in the 1st this time. The daily Foster and Bench homers give them 32 apiece, still six games from the all-star break, and the team now has 116 long balls. Rose chips in with two doubles and a homer, just because he wants to. In case anyone’s counting other than me, that’s 42 runs and 53 hits in their last three games.

PIRATES 11-14-5, at EXPOS 6-6-2
Still not impressed, the Bucs lay waste to Don Stanhouse with an eight-run 6th inning, after the Expos had used five unearned runs against Candelaria back in the 2nd to take a 6-2 lead. There’s a twi-night double dip tomorrow, before Pittsburgh heads to Riverfront for three very big ones with the nuclear Reds.

CUBS 4-7-3, at CARDS 3-13-2
Bizarro line score of the day. Bonham and the Cubs keep taking the lead and letting St. Louis back in it with stupid two-base errors. Cards finally say enough of this and give Chicago the game in the 8th on a walk and butcheries afield by Templeton and Brock.

at DODGERS 4-8-0, ASTROS 3-10-1 (12 innings)
Houston scores three in the 1st for J. R. Richard but can’t buy a black market run in an alley from there off Sutton and Sosa. Two-run Penguin shot in the 6th ties it, Davalillo pinch single and Lopes triple in the 12th wins it. Five wins in a row for the Dodgers as they reclaim third place in this sizzling race…saving face.

American League through Tuesday, July 1

Boston 44 32 .579
Kansas City 45 33 .577
Baltimore 41 34 .547 2.5
New York 40 36 .526 4
Texas 39 38 .506 5.5
Chicago 35 40 .467 8.5
Minnesota 32 43 .427 11.5
Cleveland 28 48 .368 16

National League through Tuesday, July 1

Pittsburgh 46 32 .590
Cincinnati 45 33 .577 1
Los Angeles 42 33 .560 2.5
Philadelphia 43 35 .551 3
St. Louis 41 36 .532 4.5
Houston 35 42 .455 10.5
Montreal 30 45 .400 14.5
Chicago 25 51 .329 20

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