The Indians Wanted the Bronx

When I woke up in this Cleveland hospital, the nurse asked me what my name was and it took me a good five days before I remembered it was Seamus Headley. I’ve had serious migraines for weeks, you see, and still have a crapload of pain in my lower back where I landed. Mostly I’ve just been laying here looking up at water spots on an asbestos ceiling, switching from soaps to local news to reruns of Mannix on the cheap-ass TV.

Those jackanapes at Patriot Act Inc. never tested their 5-D dice before handing them over to me and Doc Sheila, and now I have no clue where she went or if she even hooked up with Gip and the other nutcakes. She certainly isn’t a patient here. The other day I was half dozing and thought I saw Crazy Amy Gulliver staring into the room at me, but it could’ve just been a bad dream. I’ve had plenty of those since I got to ’77. Still, if Amy was checking in on me that could mean the rest of them aren’t far away, so I owe it to myself to eat my hospital slop and take my meds and get my behind out in the world soon as possible. I’m on a mission here of my own doing, and wasting my time here isn’t going to get it finished.

The orderlies here with their stupid bushy hairdos all seem to be Indians fans, and I hear them passing scores and player injury reports now and then. Today they were all stoked up because Cleveland was in New York giving the Yanks a rough time, like they actually have a chance of getting into the pennant race. My head hurts too much to even read a sports section, so I guess I can fill you in some details before I pass out again.

Game of the Day

NEW YORK—Boston has lost again, Gullett and his nine wins are on the hill for the home team, and Cliff Johnson has just been traded over from Houston for some added punch against lefties. What can possibly go wrong for the Yanks?

Um, everything? Reggie singles in the game’s first run right away, they have Jim Bibby on the ropes, bases loaded and one out and Nettles at the plate. Nettles whiffs, Chambliss dribbles out and that’s that. Then Dade singles and Gullett serves up a meatball to Johnny Grubb. Then Munson gets hit in the ribs and knocked our for this game and the next. Then after the usual double that gets past Mickey Rivers to open the third, Thornton and Dade single with two outs and Gullett serves up a triple to Johnny Grubb and the game is basically over.

Cliff Johnson makes his Yankee debut behind the plate, spelling Munson, and collects a walk and two singles in his three trips, but runners are left stranded in trees all over the yard before Gullett gets yanked in the 7th after giving up two more singles, a walk, and throwing a ball away. And Nettles will be benched against Ross Grimsley in the first game of tomorrow’s doubleheader with Baltimore. Ghastly Graig is 0-for-his last 19 and seen his average drop to .192. Three days in a row now they’ve blown golden chances to catch Boston, and it’s been a total team meltdown.

If it sounds like I’m mad about this, I am. I prefer five-team races to two-team ones, and it isn’t as much fun without the Bombers bombing away. Of course I can’t tell these orderlies that or they might spit in my soup or something. Go Tribe!

CLE 023 000 130 – 9 14 1
NYY 100 010 200 – 4 10 1

W-Bibby L-Gullett HRS: Grubb, Rivers GWRBI-Grubb

Other Action:

ORIOLES 7-13-0, at RED SOX 2-10-0
The Birds are three back in the loss column after Flanagan tosses his second effective start in a row. Andres Mora snaps 2-2 tie in the 6th with a three-run Mass Pike shot off Rick Wise.

at ROYALS 4-6-0, TWINS 0-5-0
Boy, Dennis Leonard needed to do this, if only to rest the devastated Royals pen. Pete LaCock spells Mayberry for a day and knocks in two of K.C.’s runs with a pair of singles. The Royals back to within one again!

WHITE SOX 4-8-1, at RANGERS 2-8-2 (14 innings)
Barrios and Blyleven both go the distance, and errors decide this thing. Bannister’s botched DP ball in the 4th helps Texas tie the game, and errors by Harrah and Campaneris help Chicago win again. After getting buried 17-5 by Boston on June 24th they’ve rattled off four straight.

PHILLIES 5-9-3, at PIRATES 4-8-1 (12 innings)
Bucs go up 3-0 on sketchy Philly fielding. Phils come back on 2-run Schmidt poke and solo jack by Terry Harmon, who takes over for Bowa after Larry gets injured. Schmidt sac fly puts Phils ahead. Ed Ott homer ties it up again. McBride single off Tekulve in the 12th wins it and Carlton goes the whole way for his ninth win.

at DODGERS 3-7-0, CARDS 1-4-0
Make it 8-2 vs. St. Louis for the Blue Crew. John takes a 1-hit shutout to the 8th before tiring, and Stan Wall and Hough finish things off. The Dodgers continue to barely hit at all, but with their pitching this good it hardly matters.

EXPOS 7-10-0, at REDS 4-5-1
Cincy finally loses again, as they can’t come up with any big hits against Twitchell and Kerrigan. Unlike Norman, the other Reds lefty Doug Capilla is tattooed, putting 14 Expos on base in his 4+ innings.

CUBS 6-11-1, at ASTROS 5-8-1
After 12 straight losses to open the season, it is my great pleasure to announce Ray Burris’ arrival in the win column. And he still almost loses, staying in tired to get Art Howe on a comebacker with two aboard and two gone in the 9th.  Bobby Murcer drives in five of the six Cub runs, and clubs a gooey good grand slam off Lemongello in the 1st.

American League through Saturday, June 28

Boston 42 30 .583
Kansas City 42 32 .568 1
New York 39 33 .542 3
Baltimore 39 33 .542 3
Texas 38 37 .507 5.5
Chicago 34 38 .472 8
Minnesota 31 41 .431 11
Cleveland 26 47 .356 16.5

National League through Saturday, June 28

Philadelphia 43 31 .581
Pittsburgh 42 32 .568 1
Cincinnati 41 33 .554 2
Los Angeles 39 33 .542 3
St. Louis 40 34 .541 3
Houston 34 40 .459 9
Montreal 30 41 .423 11.5
Chicago 24 49 .329 18.5


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5 responses to “The Indians Wanted the Bronx

  1. Doug Capilla! Is Paul Moskau nearby!

    • Paul Moskau has one of the most schizo cards in the set. Righties can’t hit him, lefties light him up like a disco ball. One of the reasons the Reds are suddenly in the race is because Seaver and Norman now get to pitch with 3 days of rest.

  2. It’s good to see I’m…er, I mean Seamus is up and around again!

  3. “Bobby Murcer drives in five of the six Cub runs, and clubs a gooey good grand slam off Lemongello in the 1st.”

    That’s what this replay needs is more Bobby Murcer.

    Kevin G.

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