Johnny Get Your Bat

SANDUSKY, OHIO—You won’t believe this but I snuck into the Cleveland hospital the other day where Seamus Headley’s been since his head accident the first day of this month. The guy makes my blood freeze but I did kind of get used to him sweeping around my bed back in Squallpocket and was actually starting to worry about him. An intern told me he’s still drugged up and at least a week from getting out, which is good, but I’m not sure I want to be the poor soul to come back and pick him up.

In case you’ve been wondering about old Crazy Amy here, I found a pretty nifty maintenance shack to live in underneath the Corkscrew roller coaster out at Cedar Point Amusement Park. It’s a little hard to sleep sometimes, but I’ve eaten well with all the scraps left around on tables, and picked up a little coin from my part-time toilet cleaner job on the other end of the park before my idiot boss fired me when he caught me smelling Drano. So now I’m living under their dumb noses and doing fine.

I’ve also kept up on my two Ohio teams, but it wasn’t hard to jump on one of their wagons. Seen the standings lately? The red-hot Reds have been scorching the league, or at least the Astros and Cubs and Dodgers, and I am so finished with Bill Plummer. I mean, he was cute, but Johnny Bench? He can hold seven balls in his hand! How can a girl not swoon over that?

They’re home against the Expos starting tomorrow, so maybe I’ll try and get down there for a game. I don’t know. Found a little transistor radio in the shack here which has been doing me fine in between popcorn and fried dough runs.

Game of the Day

Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall do the call from Wrigley on WLW, and it’s another hot one. Seaver’s going for his tenth win, which would be almost half of what the entire Cubs team has, and with Reuschel going for them, a pitcher duel threatens to break out.

But the wind is blowing out toward the other Great Lake, and it may as well be batting practice. Griffey triples with one out in the 1st, Foster whacks #27 and it’s 2-0 Reds out of the gate. Tom ain’t even close to being terriffic, though. Greg Gross doubles, Biitner singles with two gone and Murcer pumps one into the bleachers and Chicago has the lead!

For a few minutes, anyway. Griffey singles in the 3rd, Foster whacks #28, and Cincy’s back in front. A double and two-base error on the same play by Gross the next inning gives Geronimo a fake inside-the-parker, but Seaver can’t get the batboy out in the last of the 4th, giving up three singles, a walk and hit batter before Reuschel finally hits into a 3-2-3 DP.

7-5 Cubbies into the 6th. Seaver fans to start the inning, before the Big Cubs trap door slides open. Morgan singles. Rose singles. Griffey walks. Foster walks for his fifth RBI. Johnny hits an infield single and Ontiveros kicks it for another error. Driessen misses a homer by inches and doubles home two more. Pete Broberg relieves the shellshocked Reuschel, but the carnage is done.

In the 8th, Johnny decides Foster’s had too much fun and belts HIS 27th homer, and it’s time for Marty and Nuxie to give us some numbers. Since June 8th they are 12-4. They now are tied with Boston with 102 team homers. They lead the league in runs with 406, thirty more than the Phillies. Joe Morgan is the Human Base-Clogger again. Griffey and Driessen are a perfect batting average and on-base pair with the powerful Foster and Johnny—who have 55 homers between them. The Reds been scoring so much their shaky pitching hasn’t even mattered.

I think I’m in love again.

CIN 202 105 020 – 12 15 0
CHI 300 310 000 – 7 10 3

W-Seaver L-Reuschel HRS: Foster-2, Johnny, Murcer GWRBI-Johnny

Other Action:

at CARDS 2-10-0, PIRATES 0-4-0
Yikes! The Bucs go scoreless in their last 18 innings of this series, and now head home for four monster games with the first-place Phillies. But at least they’ll get Stennett back. John Urrea is the Cards culprit this time, and it would’ve been worse if St. Louis didn’t leave 13 men on against Jones and Jackson.

PHILLIES 5-10-0, at DODGERS 1-4-0
Jim Lonborg makes everyone suffer because he was left off the all-star team. Well, guess what? A suffocating 4-hit, 10-strikeout performance at the Ravine lands him on the all-star team with his 9-2 record.  Huge win for the Phils, because a loss would’ve put five teams within one game in the loss column.

at ASTROS 3-7-0, EXPOS 0-6-1
Don Stanhouse is definitely gunning for the sad sack award, though. With his team again not hitting for him, he drops to 2-9 as the always-challenging Gene Pentz fires a CG shutout.

at WHITE SOX 4-7-0, RED SOX 3-11-0
Pigs fly, Nixon tells the truth, and Elvis waltzes. Tiant has a 3-1 lead on Steve Stone into the 7th, when a walk, single and back-to-back doubles from Spencer and Garr put Chicago ahead for good. Boston drops to 9-2 vs. the White Sox and heads home now for a series with the Orioles.

at ROYALS 9-15-2, ORIOLES 2-10-0
Speaking of them Birds, they take a quick 2-0 lead but the Royals tie it right away, then score seven unanswered with the help of two big McRae doubles and a triple and homer by Joe Zdeb. K.C. back to within two games, as they welcome the Twins to town.

at TWINS 4-12-1, INDIANS 3-7-1 (10 innings)
Speaking of them Twinks, poor Dennis Eck can’t hold a late lead again as Minnesota scores twice in the 9th with the help of a Kuiper error to tie things. Bases-loaded single in the 10th off Pat Dobson wins it.

at RANGERS 10-17-2, YANKEES 9-12-0
Yanks blow a chance to move to within two of the lead, dropping their finale in Texas, thanks to two hideous Figueroa innings, the usual Rivers and Nettles mediocrity, and Sparky Lyle’s return to his recent wretched self. Reggie actually ties this with a mammoth 3-run bomb in the 8th, but Sparky gives up a pinch-tater to Ellis, hits Harrah to get the benches warned, then two more singles and a wild pitch before Ken Clay scrubs the floor for him.

Bonus Thursday Matinee

WHITE SOX 7-15-0, at RANGERS 6-11-0
Ken Kravec with his 9-3 record now says he deserves to be an all-star if Lonborg is, so the commissioner caves again. He’s actually pretty bad here, but a homer-triple-single day from Spencer and game-deciding sac fly from Garr give him the win against real all-star Perry.

American League through Thursday, June 26

Boston 42 28 .600
Kansas City 41 31 .569 2
New York 39 31 .557 3
Baltimore 37 33 .529 5
Texas 38 35 .521 5.5
Chicago 32 38 .457 10
Minnesota 30 40 .429 12
Cleveland 24 47 .338 18.5

National League through Thursday, June 26

Philadelphia 42 30 .583
Pittsburgh 41 31 .569 1
Cincinnati 40 32 .556 2
St. Louis 40 32 .556 2
Los Angeles 37 33 .529 4
Houston 33 39 .458 9
Montreal 29 40 .420 11.5
Chicago 23 48 .324 18.5

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  1. Today’s high-school Biology retro-Bermanism: John “The Liver Filters” Urrea.

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