Meet De Boys on the Battlefront

BOSTON and MINNESOTA—The dice split us up today, dropping us outside two ballparks, which was bound to happen with eight holiday doubleheaders being played.  Me and Amy and Fred took the Orioles at Fenway, while Lester and Sherman got the Royals at Twins.  I was actually going to let Fred report for me, but he’s a little burned out from that latest Yankee miracle, and it being Memorial Day and all, he’s also too busy remembering someone very close to him.

Seems that Fred’s older brother Lucius went off to fight in Vietnam around 1971 and got shot at An Loc around this time a year later.  They swapped some letters and had a long distance talk or two while he was in the vet hospital, but Lucius lost his fight with a serious stomach wound infection soon after that.  “Didn’t even get to give him the Sly album I bought him for Christmas,” Fred said to me today while we watched the Sox and Birds warm up.  “I was only eight or something but we were pretty damn tight.  Think I set my first mailbox on fire soon after.”  I teared up a little myself, put my arm around his shoulder and gave it a good pat as Fergie Jenkins walked out to the mound in front of us.  Thankfully we had at least six hours of ball to lose ourselves in, and good god, did we ever get lost.

Games of the Longest Day

FENWAY GAME ONE—Palmer coming off his worst outing of the year, falls behind right away on a Carbo walk and Fisk homer, followed in the 3rd by a Fisk single, Rice double and Evans homer…Birds obviously paying for 10-0 bashing of Sox yesterday…But they’re coming back! Two-run Kelly homer in the 4th, three-run DeCinces blast in the 5th, and it’s 5-5. Two walks, a single and Kiko Garcia error makes it 7-5 Sox…7-6 after Lee May single in 6th…Belanger in for D, makes error to score Evans and it’s 8-6…Palmer has crap, but stays out there because he isn’t tired and the Baltimore pen is thinner than a fly wing…Stanley pitches two innings of tough long relief, gives up single and double in 9th and Soup pours in. Murray singles, Scott boots one, Skaggs and May single and the O’s have four runs and 10-8 lead!…Palmer back out to finish his horrible CG and DeCinces boots one. Scott fans but Fisk, Yaz and Rice all double for three runs and the ridiculous comeback win, their 14th of the year!

BAL 000 231 004 – 10 17 4
BOS 203 201 003 – 11 14 1

W-Campbell L-Palmer HRS: Kelly, DeCinces, Fisk, Evans GWRBI-Rice

METROPOLITAN STADIUM GAME ONE—Colborn is clubbed for six Twins runs and a Rod Carew single for 43 straight games, and K.C. is behind 6-0 after four innings.Except this is the non-Goltz portion of the Minnesota rotation, in all its ineptness, and Pete Redfern, still without a win, hands the Royals five runs in the 5th to put them back in the game. Gary Serum does little better, serving up a 3-run Cowens blast in the 6th for a 9-7 K.C. lead. Jeff Holly gives it a shot and Mayberry hits one, as the Twins stay winless against their nemesis and get outscored 11-1 after the 4th.

K.C. 000 054 200 – 11 12 2
MIN 105 010 000 – 7 13 3

W-Colborn L-Serum HRS: Cowens, Mayberry GWRBI-Cowens

FENWAY GAME TWO—Can we see anything weirder than the first game? Why not?…Orioles score five for McGregor off Paxton in the 3rd, capped by Lee May 3-run Turnpike shot (he went 4-for-5 in Game One), but Boston chips away the rest of the game, finally tie it in the 8th on two-out singles by Montgomery, Dillard and Burleson…Against Paxton, Willoughby and Campbell, Birds have people on base the final eight innings of the game and can’t get one big hit, stranding 17 for the game. and we know what that means…Bottom of the 11th, Tippy Martinez in, Fisk walks, Scott walks, Rice singles to load the bases and Tippy BALKS in the winner. Earl Weaver tries to put his lit cigarette in the second base umpire’s eye but is pulled away by Al Bumbry…Orioles still lead the season series but these are two brutal losses.

BAL 005 000 000 00 – 5 12 1
BOS 002 010 020 01 – 6 16 0

W-Campbell L-T. Martinez HR: L. May

METROPOLITAN STADIUM GAME TWO—Sherman has to move into shade to avoid heatstroke, and it’s a good thing I joined him because this one might have put us both under…Carew opens Twins’ 1st with single to make it 44 straight games, gets standing ovation and team responds with six runs off Gura and another big early lead. Except this is still the non-Goltz portion of the Minnesota rotation, in all its ineptness. Butler gives the Royals five runs immediately on a McRae solo blast and a White grand one, Cowens ties it with a homer in the 4th, Twins untie it with three in the 4th to bring on Doug Bird…Bird shuts Twins down for four innings while K.C. feasts on Dave Johnson, Serum and Tom Johnson for the next seven runs of the game…Only pitcher left is Burgmeier, and he lets Royals tack on two more in the 9th. 15-9 should be a safe lead, I imagine. Minnesota never stops dreaming, though. Hisle, Adams and Kusick open with hits. Gomez and Cubbage walk with one out. Carew singles and here’s Littell, the score suddenly 15-12. Wynegar singles, it’s 15-13. Bostock steps up, creams a grand slam out of the ballpark and if Met Stadium had a roof it would blow off. The Memorial Day Miracle marks the Twins’ first win vs. the Royals in six tries. For K.C., five homers and 22 hits still isn’t enough, and now they head back to Fenway Park.

K.C. 050 132 202 – 15 22 1
MIN 600 300 008 – 17 17 0

W-Burgmeier L-Littell HRS: McRae, White, Cowens, Otis, Brett, Bostock GWRBI-Bostock

Other Holiday Two-headers

Game 1:
at YANKEES 5-12-0, INDIANS 0-7-1
The shocking Yank win yesterday puts the Tribe into a coma, as they can’t even touch Mike Torrez. Randolph and White smack back-to-backs off Bibby in the 3rd for all New York needs.

W-Torrez L-Bibby HRS: Randolph, White GWRBI-Randolph

Game 2:
at YANKEES 4-7-0, INDIANS 1-6-1
Over .500 again, the Yanks ride a Nettles grand slam in the 1st to the win and now welcome the Minnesota Carew Road Show to town.

W-Tidrow L-Fitzmorris HRS: Nettles, Bochte GWRBI-Nettles

Game 1:
at RANGERS 5-8-0, WHITE SOX 3-9-1
Kravec’s 3-0 lead vanishes by the 6th and Hargrove ices game with homer in the 8th.

W-Devine L-Kravec SV-Barker HRS: Soderholm, Spencer, Hargrove GWRBI-Hargrove

Game 2:
WHITE SOX 6-11-0, at RANGERS 5-12-2
Rangers crawl back all game, finally tie it in 7th, only to have Spencer whack out Moret’s first pitch in the 8th.

W-Dal Canton L-Moret SV-LaGrow HRS: Gamble, Spencer, Beniquez GWRBI-Spencer

Game 1:
PHILLIES 8-8-0, at PIRATES 6-12-3
That Man Lonborg goes to 7-1, as terrible Buc fielding helps Philly to six 2nd inning runs. Pittsburgh still plates five the last two innings and nearly ties it.

W-Lonborg L-Reuss SV-McGraw HRS: Ott, Fregosi, Robinson

Game 2:
at PIRATES 4-10-0, PHILLIES 2-10-0
The puddle of bile that is Randy Lerch turns his 1-0 lead into a 3-1 Bucs lead by the 5th, and Philly can’t do enough with Forster. Scrap Iron does his usual thing: single, triple, and insurance homer.

W-Forster L-Lerch SV-G. Jackson HRS: Schmidt, Parker, Garner GWRBI-Parker

Game 1:
at DODGERS 6-10-2, CARDS 5-8-0
Baker replaces Russell in the second spot and responds with two singles and a homer, and Sutton survives the typical Cards hit parade.

W-Sutton L-Underwood HR: Baker GWRBI-Baker

Game 2:
at DODGERS 9-15-0, CARDS 1-3-0
Elias Sosa with the mastery, Lee Lacy (two doubles and a triple) with the butchery. L.A. is back over .500 and back in the game.

Game 1:
at ASTROS 5-11-0, CUBS 2-5-0
Lemongello wins! It helps that Ray Winless Burris goes for the Cubs, but Watson homers again late and ups his RBI count to 41.

W-Lemongello L-Burris SV-Forsch HR: Watson GWRBI-Metzger

Game 2:
CUBS 4-4-0, at ASTROS 2-8-1
Just plain sad and crazy. Bo McLaughlin has 2-hit shutout and 1-0 lead going to the 7th, but two walks and a double load bases and lefty-killer Forsch is summoned to face lefty Gross. Lefty Gross parks it for yet another holiday slam. And for reasons only known to the cosmos, Houston can do next to nothing with Dennis Lamp.

W-Lamp L-McLaughlin SV-Sutter GWRBI-Gross

Game 1:
at EXPOS 10-14-0, REDS 7-13-1
Capilla and Reds have 6-1 lead into the 5th, Expos score ten straight runs. Inexplicable and inexcusable.

W-Twitchell L-Capilla HRS: Rose, Driessen, Morgan, Parrish, Perez, Speier GWRBI-Perez

Game 2:
REDS 2-6-1, at EXPOS 1-6-1
Touché. Schatzeder with 1-0 lead late and Reds get single runs in the 7th and 9th.

W-Sarmiento L-Schatzeder GWRBI-Morgan


Seamus Headley was waiting for me in my office this morning, a decided smirk on his face. “Those 5-D dice they’re making for us? Ready in two days.” I asked him how he knew they would even work, and how we would know which 1977 “game” to find Patient Gip and the others at. His manner became abrupt, his smirk vanished, and he merely said. “Trust me, Doc.”

If I only felt confident doing that.

Sheila H. Grossinger
Chief of Psychiatry
Squallpocket State Hospital

American League through Friday, May 30

Boston 26 18 .591
Kansas City 26 19 .578 0.5
Baltimore 24 21 .533 2.5
Texas 25 22 .532 2.5
New York 22 21 .512 3.5
Minnesota 19 25 .432 7
Chicago 18 25 .419 7.5
Cleveland 18 27 .400 8.5

National League through Friday, May 30

Pittsburgh 28 20 .583
St. Louis 26 20 .565 1
Philadelphia 24 21 .533 2.5
Los Angeles 23 22 .511 3.5
Cincinnati 23 22 . 511 3.5
Houston 24 23 .511 3.5
Montreal 18 26 .409 8
Chicago 17 29 .370 10


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3 responses to “Meet De Boys on the Battlefront

  1. Jeff, I’ve taken a cue from your last two projects to add a narrator to my latest replay (1968). I’m not the story-teller like you, but I hope you enjoy following along. My time traveler doesn’t come from an asylum, but rather by more conventional means for ’68, lysergic and mescaline.

  2. Jeff, I just played my first Strat C&D baseball game with my 11-yr. old son, his first game, too. My ’09 Braves held off a furious rally from his ’09 Red Sox to win 7-6. Big Papi hit our first ever Strat HR. Lots of fun, and now I can relate when you talk about the 20-side dice, etc.

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