Lone Star Encore

By Ed “Peachy” Calhoun
Jewett Babbler
Sports Writer

Let’s keep it right down here one more day, y’all. I wasn’t too thrilled about missing Houston ditching the Cardinal win streak last night, so tonight I’m cranking up the old tuner, making myself a mile-high beef sandwich and enjoying the action courtesy of our new announcer Dewayne Staats. We were lucky to get Bob Prince for a year after the Pirates booted him out of their radio booth, but I kind of like this Staats guy. He’s got one of them long summer voices that just wraps around every play, and if you’re a baseball fan how do you beat his name?

Guess I should mention I’ve been an Astros fan ever since they were born down here in ’62 as the Colt 45s.  Yup, used to get pointed to my seat by one of them fetching Triggerettes, like in the photo up above, and I have to say I preferred buggy-muggy Colt Stadium to the Astrodome any day, but that’s just me and a bunch of spilled milk at this point.

Game of the Days

Beat those Cards again and we’re two and a half out! Denny’s going against Pentz, neither of them all that good, and they prove it right quick when the first four Cards get hits for three St. Louis runs. Denny then gives us a run back on a single and three walks, and after two singles, a walk and a Cruuuz triple put us up 4-3, a yell so loud I scare my dog. Dewayne says we’re in for a long night, so I get some more beer from out back and miss the Cards going up 5-4 on a ball through the wickets of Enos Cabell with Cards on second and third.

Then McBride swats one off the foul pole, McLaughlin takes over for Pentz and I can hear the distraughtness in Dewayne’s voice. Down 6-4, last of the 8th, Art Howe leads with a single. Cabell, who missed a chance to redeem himself last time up when Howe was cut down at the plate on his double, hits into a force now. But Metzger singles to put the tieing runs on. Schultz comes on to face Cedeno, who whiffs. Up steps Puhl, last night’s hero, and this time he rips a triple! Both runs score and it’s 6-6! Cliff Johnson pinch hits and whiffs and Schultz is out of the pickle.

Around the time I run out of beer, the Astros run out of luck. Howe leads the last of the 10th with a double but they can’t bring him home off Metzger. Sambito bats for himself and doubles with one out in the 11th but Watson and Cruz can’t bring him home. After Sambito gives up three singles in the 12th with two outs but gets Reitz to end the inning, Howe doubles for his 4th hit with one out but is hung out to dry.

Two more singles start the Cardinal 13th and Forsch is in to face Heity Cruz, who walks. Templeton singles home the go-ahead, Mumphrey adds a sac fly, and it’s 8-6 St. Loo. It’s also something else, because the Bucs have dropped another to the Reds, and when Al Hrabosky gets us 1-2-3 to end the thing and send me to bed, the Cards are in first place by their lonesomes for the first time this year. Dang.

STL 300 201 000 000 2 – 8 17 0
HTN 130 000 020 000 0 – 6 13 1

W-Metzger L-Sambito SV-Hrabosky HR: McBride GWRBI-Templeton

5/27 Action:

PHILLIES 4-7-0, at EXPOS 1-4-1
Big Stevie is a wonder again. Bahnsen is too, until Schmidt triples and Hebner homers off him in the 8th.

W-Carlton L-Bahnsen HRS: Valentine, Hebner

REDS 6-13-0, at PIRATES 4-9-2
Another shaky start for Seaver, but Red bats, especially Mr. Foster’s, make up for that.

W-Seaver L-Jones HRS: Foster, Bailey, Parker-2 GWRBI-Foster

CUBS 3-4-0, at DEAD DODGERS 1-3-0
What the heck’s happened to L.A.? Seven straight losses here as they can’t even figure out Steve Renko. Rau has a rough first two innings and it’s enough to bury them.

W-Renko L-Rau HR: Mitterwald GWRBI-Buckner

INDIANS 3-11-0, at RED SOX 2-8-1
Tiant’s back to his horrible self, Boston can do nothing with Wayne Garland until Evans and Lynn go back-to-back off him in the 9th. Kern comes on to load the bases, but Fisk grounds to Bell for a force at third to end it.

W-Garland L-Tiant SV-Kern HRS: Evans, Lynn GWRBI-Bochte

at YANKEES 7-10-2, ORIOLES 5-7-1
Everything points to another Yankee meltdown. Kelly cracks a 2-run homer and DeCinces a 3-run job off Figueroa in the first two innings, but Ed straightens out big-time and the Yanks get crooked off luckless Dennis Martinez.

W-Figueroa L-Martinez HRS: Kelly, DeCinces GWRBI-Randolph

at TWINS 7-10-0, WHITE SOX 5-9-0
Carew singles off Wilbur Wood to start the bottom of the 1st, making it 40 straight games, but even better the Twins pull it out with a five-run 5th and two more in the 6th.

W-Goltz L-Wood HR: Hisle GWRBI-Kusick

at RANGERS 2-7-0, ROYALS 0-4-1
Gaylord Perry is 7-1? Well if that don’t make me wanna spit. A humdinger of a shutout here vs. Dennis Leonard, with Hargrove taking care of all the offense.

W-Perry L-Leonard HR: Hargrove GWRBI-Hargrove

5/28 Action:

PHILLIES 7-8-1, at EXPOS 6-11-2
Rogers has a 4-1 lead into the 7th, but two straight flubs from Garrett and Valentine lead to a Luzinski grand salami, and the Phils are phightin’ their way into the race.

W-Brusstar L-Rogers SV-Garber HRS: Luzinski, Valentine, Dawson, Perez GWRBI-Luzinski

CUBS 10-16-0 at DODGERS 2-4-0
On the other hand, dropping out of the race faster than a cold stone in a bottle of Yoo-Hoo are the Angelenos, now losers of eight straight and ten out of eleven. Yup. Since they swept the Bucs back on May 17th, they’ve been outscored 76-33 after leading the world in offense and pitching the first month. Rhoden drops to 1-6 with today’s pasting, and Bobby Murcer continues his torrid hitting, smacking two homers and robbing Reggie Smith of one of his with a leaping catch at the wall.

W-Resuchel L-Rhoden HRS: Murcer-2, Monday, Smith GWRBI-Resuchel

at PIRATES 9-13-0, REDS 3-5-1
Candy Man throws a sweet one to cool off Cincy, and the Bucs tie the idle Cards for first. Lefty Woodie Fryman comes on late to face Stargell with the bases loaded and Pops shows him where he parked his car.

W-Candelaria L-Norman HRS: Bailey, Gonzalez, Dyer, Stargell

TWINS 8-16-4, at WHITE SOX 7-9-1
Another pitching duel between these two. Carew singles in the 4th, drives in one of six Twins runs and stretches the Amazing Streak to 41 games. He’s also hitting .448. Wilfong makes three of the four Minnesota errors and Johnson has to come in the 9th to keep the Twins from blowing another one.

W-Thormodsgard L-Barrios SV-T. Johnson HRS: Essian, Soderholm GWRBI-Carew

at RANGERS 6-11-1, ROYALS 2-12-1
In a complete twist, horrible run production from K.C., who usually make the most of their hits, and land sakes and behold, Texas is two games in the rear view mirror and we got ties at the top in both leagues!

W-Alexander L-Splittorff SV-Moret HR: Brett GWRBI-Horton

NOTE: Stats Tuesday will return NEXT WEEK, following our EIGHT upcoming Memorial Day doubleheaders and the first day of the new month.

In the meantime, here’s a juicy batch of team run differentials to keep you occupied:

St. Louis +46
Los Angeles +37
Pittsburgh +26
Cincinnati +9
Houston +5
Philadelphia +1
Montreal –26
Chicago –94

Boston +26
Kansas City +25
Texas +24
Chicago +1
New York –5
Baltimore –10
Minnesota –16
Cleveland –26

American League through Wednesday, May 28

Boston 24 17 .585
Kansas City 25 18 .581
Baltimore 23 19 .548 1.5
Texas 24 21 .533 2
New York 19 21 .475 4.5
Cleveland 18 24 .429 6.5
Chicago 17 23 .425 6.5
Minnesota 17 24 .415 7

National League through Wednesday, May 28

St. Louis 26 17 .605
Pittsburgh 27 18 .600
Philadelphia 23 20 .535 3
Houston 22 22 .500 4.5
Cincinnati 21 21 .500 4.5
Los Angeles 20 22 .500 5.5
Montreal 17 25 .405 8.5
Chicago 16 27 .372 10

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  1. Out with Bob Prince, in with Milo Hamilton. There’s a reason for seventeen seasons of bad karma and counting.

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