From Busan With Love

Ahhh, nothing like kicking back at a Lotte Giants game with a kosher kimchee dog, a cold, frosty Hite beer and a show-stopping cheerleader performance between innings—or as in the video below, into the next one.

I remember going to Anaheim Stadium some years back when Disney briefly owned the team.  Before the game they had freshly scrubbed, Up With People-style cheerleaders doing what can only be described as suggestive square dancing atop the dugouts, and fans looked like they were ready to either scream or faint or flee the premises.

No such problem here. In fact, dance all you want, because at South Korean ballparks, it’s always the 1970s. Or 1960s. Or 1980s. Or some decade I can’t really place.  Kind of makes you question the entertainment value of a sausage race, doesn’t it?

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